Requirements And Qualities


Most institutes only accept male and female aspirants who are between the ages of 17-25 or have extended upper age limit upto 26 years.


•Eyesight requirements- minimum eyesight requirement is 6/9. Many airlines allow candidates to correct eyesight and make it 20/20! Candidate shouldn’t have had history of mental illness in the past. Candidate should not be suffering from serious Cardiovascular disease.


Minimum height requirement is 157 cm (for females) and 170 cm (for males). This requirement may differ from one airline to another Weight of the candidate should be in proportion to his/her weight. Spotless skin complexion will give candidates an edge.  Candidate has to be physically fit.

Other than the above mentioned criteria, the profession of Air Hostess also demands some other qualities. Aspirants who want to build a rewarding career in this field must also have the following traits. They are- • Marital status- unmarried (not applicable in case of all airlines). • Presence of mind and quick thinking. • Leadership and team working capability. 

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